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The Powerpuff Girls Community
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The Powerpuff Girls Community
Please keep your posts here on-topic. Anything is allowed as long as it relates to the Powerpuff Girls or the community itself. If you have an LJ shop, please link directly to the PPG related items, not just to your shop.

When discussing the newest episode, "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!," please use an LJ-cut to avoid spoilers.

If you would like to share results to a quiz that has already been posted, please do so by adding a comment to the original post. If you are not sure whether or not the quiz has already been posted, please check the quizzes listed in the memories first.

Posts regarding fan art, merchandise, and LJ icons are also listed in the memories.

Please do not post another person's artwork or make derivative works such as LJ userpics without the original artist's permisson. Do not claim someone else's artwork as your own. Please also refrain from direct linking to someone else's server without their permission. A link to the website itself will usually suffice.

Membership to this community is open. All members can post to the community using either a LiveJournal client or the Full Update page. You can also edit and delete your own posts to the community via the client of your choice or the web interface.

Need more info? Check the LiveJournal Communities FAQ, or contact the community maintainer, lilbluegoat.

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