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Hello! [Jun. 15th, 2012|11:40 pm]
The Powerpuff Girls Community


Hey everyone, figure I'd join this group since I've always loved PPG! I actually just joined tho because a question popped up from out of the blue.

There was just a post a few down about the PPG Style campaign by CartoonNetwork. I was 8 when that aired and I was in LOVE with it. I wanted to enter the model search, but you know, I was 8 so I couldn't. Out of curiosity does anyone know who won? I really just want to see pictures of the winners since the website said they'd be featured in a few magazines.

The site isn't at the original link anymore, but I found it here: http://www.goinginteractive.com/PPG_STYLE/

[User Picture]From: runawaymermaid
2015-08-17 03:10 pm (UTC)
OMG thanks for linking the new site! time to take some caps hahaha

i googled briefly and found the following:

an article recapping the contest results: http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2004/09/22/cartoon-network-enterprises-announces-winners-of-the-powerpuff-girls-style-heroes-model-search-16957/20040922cartoon01/

an interview with one of the winners (bubbles): http://www.almanacnews.com/morgue/2005/2005_01_19.bubbles.shtml

i haven't found any pics from the photoshoot so far, but hopefully those links are a good enough starting point for you. please keep us posted if you find anything! *u*
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[User Picture]From: runawaymermaid
2015-08-17 03:16 pm (UTC)
sorry in advance if this comment appears twice -- my previous one was marked as spam for some reason. :/ in case it was due to posting links, i'll just copypasta the information i found:

from the article "Cartoon Network Enterprises Announces Winners of 'The Powerpuff Girls Style Heroes' Model Search" the winners were revealed to be "Darcey Leigh Ripley, 15, of Fort Stockton, Texas; Jennifer Cowitz, 15, of Woodside, Calif; and Julia Rodriguez, 11, of Waterbury, Conn."

i also found an article interviewing one of the winners: "Meet the real 'Bubbles': Jen Cowitz wins national contest to become a real-life 'Powerpuff Girl'"

i didn't find any pictures from the photoshoot, but i only did a brief google search, so hopefully the above is enough of a starting point! please keep us posted if you find anything! ♥
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